• Welcome to Kaua‘i Pacific School! Our mission is to ignite a passion for life long learning and service by developing caring, curious and confident children.

Mahalo for Your Support:

December 13, 2010

We would like say “Thank You” to all KPS families and friends who put so much time and effort into making this such an amazing event. Also, we would like to “Thank” the community for coming out and supporting our school. We hope to see you next year!

Kauai Pacific School’s  Scholarship Fundraiser: Kauai Circus

Look for our next fundraiser this Spring: KPS Rocks

Please Consider an Annual Gift

November 10, 2010

Kauai Pacific School offers a vibrant, diverse and sustainable learning community that gets kids excited about their future.  Nearly 50% of our students receive financial assistance, thus tuition income covers only 68% of our operating expenses.

Kaua’i Pacific School Promo Commercial

Kauai Pacific School is proud to offer a project based curriculum – which means that the children are learning HOW to learn

2010 2011 Curriculum

Kauai Pacific School is 1 of only 19 schools statewide that received the Schools of the Future of Grant – this grant improves technology so we can can be a model school for the Hawaii public school system.

HAIS:  School of the Future Grant

In 2009 Kauai Pacific School was presented with the Arts Excellence Award from the Hawaii Arts Alliance

University of Hawaii selects Kauai Pacific School as a prototype school for future school design
Professor Jim Dator told us that he had selected Kauai Pacific School for this project because of our balance between sustainability and digital literacy. When discussing our themed inquiry methodology he commented, “I like your interdisciplinary, interactive, and intercultural approach.”
Gifts to our annual fund go directly to the Kauai Pacific School Faces of the Future scholarship program which awarded almost $100,000 in scholarships this year. Your gifts to the school are tax deductable. Please help us reach our $100K Faces of the Future scholarship target through the annual fund, upcoming KPS Circus Kauai and the spring KPS Rocks concert.

Helping Our Community

October 22, 2010

5th and 6th Graders Help Facilitate Lunch at the Salvation Army:
Our 5th and 6th grade students and their families purchased the food for a meal made by the students at the Salvation Army in Lihue.  The class has been studying about fairness, equality and justice and for their final project prepared a meal for those who need it.  They cooked for and served about 60 people.  The meal was healthy and tasted great. Way to support your community boys!

Also, our 3rd-6th Grade Participated in Native Plantings at Kauai Historical Garden Mini-Golf Course.

Last weeks market was a wonderful success!  Together we raised almost $200.00.  What a kick start we have had!  In lue of depending heavily on parent volunteers to help run the market we are shifting to a ‘student led market”.  As part of their kokua, rotating student coordinators from each class will be hosting the KPS Friday Market each week after Aloha Circle.   We would like to invite all parents to participate in the ‘Market Concept Group’ which will steer and brainstorm for the growing market.   The group will meet on Wednesday mornings after drop-off in the morning in the outdoor market location.  In addition, we encourage all families of ALL grades to bring donations each week.

Donations can be left on the front porch Friday mornings or brought in at pick-up time.  The market will take place in front of the school.

Here are some guidelines for what we will be selling at market:

  • All Kauai grown, fresh produce is welcome; especially surplus from your own yard.
  • Homemade cooked or baked products. (Please EXCLUDE refined ingredients.  This way our kids can practice preparing healthy food that is locally grown!)
  • Homemade/Kauai made arts and crafts.  (Again, any of these are welcome if they are made on Kauai.  No store bought items please.)
  • In addition, please do your best to use renewable resources and avoid plastic.

With so much enthusiasm building for the 2010-2011 Market season we ought to be brimming with abundance in many forms! We hope to see you there!

Our 5th/ 6th graders have officially completed their scuba diving course and are ready to explore the amazing underwater world. Way to Go Guys!

In honor of International Peace Day, our students will parade through Kilauea town via Kolo Rd. and Lighthouse Rd..  The community is welcome to join them for all or some of their parade as they share peaceful wishes.  The walk begins at 10:00am and stops for lunch at the ballpark behind the Kilauea Neighborhood Center at 11:30.  Three schools;  Kauai Pacific School, Kilauea Elem., and Kanuikapono School will join at 12:10 at Kilauea Elementary`to create a giant peace sign.  For more information contact Richard Stark atrichard@kauaipacific.org.

What is a Wordle? It is a toy for generating “word clouds” from text that you provide. The clouds give greater prominence to words that appear more frequently in the source text.

KPS PreK/K and 5th/6th grade created these Wordles Together