We welcome your interest in employment at KPS. If you are interested in applying for an open position, download an application below. Email your cover letter, resume and completed application to richard@kauaipacific.org. Please email PDF or Word documents only.

Kauai Pacific School seeks to attract, nurture and retain an inspiring, dedicated and knowledgeable 7/8 Homeroom Teacher specializing in math and science. Unique skills sought for this individual include the ability to integrate concepts through inquiry, the application of concepts in field-school settings and the ability to coach two seasons of extra-curricular athletics.

Kauai Pacific School faculty and administrative staff work to create an environment for all employees that is characterized by ongoing learning, high expectations, productivity, healthy communication, and professional growth. Our faculty and staff are expected to be effective dedicated teachers of scholarly competence who: are an active part of a 21st Century Learning Community, are digitally fluent and able to guide and model digital literacy (including audio and video), respect the dignity and worth of each child, strive to create mutual confidence between teacher and student, instill in students the desire to learn and inquire, are sensitive to individual differences in student abilities and interests, constantly question and search for new ideas and methods that will improve the quality of the classroom experience, and contribute in the school’s elective and extra-curricular programs.

Requirements: upper school experience with preferred 7th and 8th grade classroom teaching experience, teaching credential for multi-subject or single subject in Hawaii.”